Compare Indian Grocery is a free and independent price comparison website that provides credible online service for comparing prices of different grocery products.

Yes, our service is completely free and we never intend to charge our users.

Our team collects information on the product details, prices and shipping charges, which are listed along with the brand name on our website. You can simply click on the product to get the best comparisons.

Yes, we are completely independent and are not owned by any manufacturer or retailer. We don't receive any endorsements, donations, or payments from retailers or manufacturers.

We welcome feedback, suggestions or complaints from our users to improve and be a reliable online platform. You can visit our website and contact us to share your valuable feedback.

No, we do not sell products. Compare Indian Grocery simply provides a platform for comparing products and prices from popular online retailers. We connect you to the retailers to purchase the products.

Not yet, but we are currently working on developing an app that will be available soon.

Retailers can get in touch with us through our website and we will guide them on how to get enlisted.

We ensure that the prices on our website are updated daily, but we also suggest double-checking the price on the retailer's website to ensure that you purchase the product at the correct cost.